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Training Schedule

Day One Outline:  

9-10:30 AM:  Types of DBT for ED: when to use DBT in the treatment of EDs 

10:30-10:45 AM: Break 

10:45 -12:00 PM: Philosophical adaptations to DBT (bio social model)   


Day Two Outline:  

9-10:30 AM:  Getting commitment in DBT for ED – including role plays and activities 

10:30-10:45 AM: Break 

10:45 -12:00 PM: Individual Therapy Strategies in DBT for ED 


Day Three Outline:  

9-1030 AM: Addressing suicidality and life-threatening ED behaviors in individual therapy 

1030-10:45: Break  

10:45-12:00 PM: Addressing therapy interfering behaviors in ED clients 


Day Four Outline: 

9-10:30 AM: DBT skills for EDs 

1030-10:45 AM: Break 

10:45-12:00 PM: Case consultation and wrap up

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