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Dialectical Behavior Therapy for the Treatment of Eating Disorders

with Dr. Lucene Wisniewski and Amy Kalasunas
Behavioral Care Center of New Jersey and Metro NY DBT Center bring you this virtual seminar which will provide advanced training in the DBT for Treatment of Eating Disorders.
Date: Sunday, December 6, 2020 through Wednesday, December 9, 2020
Time: 9AM to 12PM EST each day
Place: Virtual
Fee: $350.00 per person for individual registration.  If you are interested in the student rate please email for further details.  All Payments must be received by 11/13/20 or when capacity is reached.

Click here to register online and for payment information
Training Description:

The work of professionals who treat those diagnosed with an ED can be difficult due to several factors. First and foremost, ED patients can be ambivalent about treatment and recovery. Professionals are often in the position of having to “sell” the treatment we believe is
needed. Next, the treatment itself can be complicated when the ED patient suffers from more than one disorder. For example, professionals are left to consider: “Do I address the ED first or the PTSD?” Eating Disorders can be life threatening illnesses and professionals may become unclear about priorities when attempting to help a patient who has more than one life- threatening condition: e.g., What if my patient is self-harming and is medically unstable – which do I deal with first? The work of the ED professional is further complicated by behaviors that can interfere with the treatment delivery itself. Behaviors such as angry outbursts, failure to complete homework, lying, water-loading and cancelling sessions are considered therapy- interfering behaviors (TIB’s) and can interfere with patients’ ability to benefit from treatment, remain in treatment, or both. Finally, the professional’s own fear and frustration treating these conditions can interfere with treatment as well and therefore needs to be addressed.


Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), a therapy originally designed for chronically suicidal, difficult-to-treat patients, provides a clear and systematic approach for dealing with ambivalence, multiple-problem cases as well as life-threatening and therapy-interfering behaviors. As a comprehensive and evidence-based treatment, DBT blends acceptance-based strategies with change-based interventions.


In this 11 hour, advanced workshop, participants will learn how to use DBT theory and practice, how to apply motivation and commitment strategies, how to conceptualize and organize patient behavior in terms of priorities, and how to identify and address therapy- interfering behaviors on the part of the patient and therapist when treating clients with eating disorders . Using lecture, case examples, small group exercises and role plays, participants will have the opportunity to practice and observe DBT treatment strategies for those diagnosed with an eating disorder.  It is expected that those who attend have already been introduced to DBT and are looking to advance their knowledge in the application of DBT with those struggling with eating disorders.

For the Training Objectives and information about CEs, please click here.

For the Schedule, Please Click Here.
Who Should Attend:
This workshop is intended for mental health professionals who:
  • Have received prior training in the DBT.
  • Are using the DBT in their clinical practice.
Meet the Presenters:
                     Dr. Wisniewski is an internationally recognized leader in eating disorder treatment
                     and Dialectical Behavior Therapy, with more than 25 years of clinical and training                         experience. She has taught hundreds of workshops and continuing education                             seminars around the globe and has authored numerous articles in peer-reviewed                       journals and invited book chapters. Dr. Wisniewski has also provided consultation and training to eating disorder clinics around the globe.  In addition, she has earned some of the highest awards and accreditations in the industry. In 2013, she received the Outstanding Clinician Award from the Academy for Eating Disorders, demonstrating her leadership in the field and her commitment to providing the best solutions for those with eating disorders.

                     Amy Kalasunas, a DBT Linehan Board-Certified Clinician, has more than 19 years’                         experience working with evidence-based treatment models. Intensively trained in                       Dialectical Behavior Therapy in 2002, Kalasunas has continued her professional                        development with over 135 hours of continued DBT training, including Advanced Training in the DBT Prolonged Exposure Protocol model for PTSD; Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavior Therapy; DBT supervision models; and consultation team adherence practices.  An excellent teacher, Kalasunas is often sought out for teaching workshops, in-services and seminars on implementing DBT treatment. During her career, she has developed, implemented and evaluated program outcomes on inpatient psychiatric units, Partial Hospitalization, and Intensive Outpatient Programs. She has also established adherent DBT treatment programs for multi-diagnostic adult clients in outpatient clinics, community-based treatment centers and private practice models.  In addition, Kalasunas practices the highest fidelity to effective treatment models through seeking and providing formal supervision to individual clinicians, treatment teams, and organizations seeking consultation on effective treatment practice.

​Questions or concerns: If you have any questions or concerns not addressed on the website, please email or call 973-660-0700.
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