Training Provided by BCCNJ Staff


The Behavioral Care Center of New Jersey provides trainings to therapists, case workers, physicians, nurses, and those who work in corrections.  We offer trainings to individuals as well as organizations.  The staff off BCCNJ have provided training in evidence based therapies to government agencies, hospitals, universities, school districts, private practices, non profit organizations, as well synagogues and churches.
We are dedicated to training professionals in compassionate and evidence based care. Please click below to learn more about the trainings that we offer.  We are happy to work with you to develop a training personalized for your staff’s needs.

BCCNJ Sponsored Trainings Provided by Subject Matter Experts

The Behavioral Care Center of New Jersey is excited to bring in Expert training opportunities for professionals to New Jersey.  We are invested in bringing experts in evidence based therapies from around the country to New Jersey to offer training to psychologists, social workers, and counselors.   Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions that you may have about the upcoming trainings.
Upcoming Trainings:

Integrating Family Based Therapy (FBT) for Adolescents to Treat Eating Disorders into a Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program

Presenters: Lucene Wisniewski, Ph.D.,FAED, Melissa Gerson, LCSW & Michelle Lupkin, PhD

5-week Virtual Classes offered on Sundays from 10:00 AM-12:00 PM est

  • Week One: June 13th, 2021

  • Week Two: June 27th, 2021

  • Week Three: July 11th, 2021

  • Week Four: July 25th, 2021

  • Week Five: August 8th, 2021

Previous Trainings:
Sunday, March 21, 2021:  Integrating Chain Analysis into the Treatment of High Risk Behaviors
Presenters: Dr. Shireen Rizvi & Dr. Alan Fruzzetti
December 6 - 9, 2020: Dialectical Behavior Therapy for the Treatment of Eating Disorders
Presenters: Dr. Lucene Wisniewski and Amy Kalasunas
March 27-29, 2020  Advanced Training in the DBT Prolonged Exposure Protocol for PTSD
Presenter: Dr. Melanie Harned
April 7, 2019:  Navigating the Complexities of Domestic Violence
Presenter: Loren Thomas Linscott
March 8-10, 2019: Working with Emotion Dysregulation with Families
Presenter: Alan Fruzzetti, PHD
October 14-17, 2018: Intensive Training in the Dialectical Behavior Therapy Prolonged Exposure Protocol for PTSD
Presenters: Melanie Harned and Lorie Ritschel
September 21-22, 2018:  The Treatment of Shame in DBT and CFT
Presenters: Shireen Rizvi, PhD and Dennis Tirch, PhD
March 8-11, 2018.  Intensive Training in the Dialectical Behavior Therapy Prolonged Exposure Protocol for PTSD
Presenters: Melanie Harned and Lorie Ritschel
October 21-22,2017: Assessment and Treatment of OCD across the Developmental Spectrum
Presenter: Martin E. Franklin, PhD
March 4-7,2017: Doing Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT): An Advanced Intensive Training
Presenters: Charlie Swenson, M.D. and Kelly Koerner, Ph.D.