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Training Schedule

12:30pm                     Training check in and coffee

12:50 to 1:00pm         Introduction and Overview

1:00 to 1:20pm           Class Exercise/Introspection:  Why does Domestic Violence occur?

1:20 to 1:50pm           Causal Theories of Domestic Violence

1:50 to 2:10pm           Video: Survivor Testimonial & Group Discussion

2:10 to 2:50pm           Victimology:  Survivor response, Cycle of Violence, Barriers to help-                                      seeking

2:50 to 3:05pm           BREAK

3:05 to 3:50pm           Trauma-Informed Response/Group activity using application of new                                        skills

3:50 to 4:35pm           Intersectionality: Unique Experiences from Varied                                                                    Individuals/Populations

4:35 to 4:50pm           Typologies/Categories of Perpetration and Perpetrators

4:50 to 5:00pm           Safety Planning with Survivors of Domestic Violence: Point A to                                              Point B

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