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What You Will Learn
During this 2 day introduction to Motivational Interviewing you will have the opportunity to learn the following:


  • The basic concepts of Motivational Interviewing (MI)
  • The spirit of MI
  • The 4 processes of MI
  • Strategies to strengthen your patient’s own motivation for and commitment to change
  • An opportunity to practice MI strategies and techniques


Who Should Attend
This training is appropriate for any helping professional who is interested in learning about Motivational Interviewing.  No previous knowledge is required.  Those with some exposure to Motivational Interviewing can benefit from this training as well.  If you are interested in an advanced MI training please contact the office for information.



When the Training Occurs
Training Date:     TBD


Sign Up
To sign up for the training please contact Dr. Lander Miller at 973-660-0700 or
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