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Training Schedule

Hour 1
Overview of FAP
  • Why the here and now relationship is a powerful mechanism of change
  • Clinically Relevant Behaviors
  • Follow function, not form
  • The 5 FAP rules
  • Client case conceptualization
  • How commonly used interventions can be inadvertently counter-therapeutic


Hour 2:

Focus on Rule 4: Noticing Your Impact

  • The Importance of FAP Self Work

  • Experiential #1: Non-dominant hand writing exercise

  • Experiential #2: Noticing your avoidances


Hour 3:

Focus on Rule 4—continued

  • Experiential #3: A piece of personal work that will help you with a challenging client

  • Ethical considerations

  • Generalization of FAP

  • Q & A

  • Concluding Thoughts

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