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Michael Bodtmann, LCSW

Director of DBT Services

Michael Bodtmann is the Director of DBT Services and a licensed clinical social worker and certified school social worker in New Jersey with experience working with children, adolescents, and families from various demographics.  He specializes in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to treat mood disorders, personality disorders, anxiety, trauma, and other clinical difficulties.  Mr. Bodtmann previously worked as the DBT program coordinator at a therapeutic high school and middle school in New Jersey where he created and facilitated a comprehensive adolescent DBT program, and provided individual, family, and group therapy. His prior positions have also included medical social work, substance abuse treatment, consultation to educators, and coordinating educational and clinical services within schools. In addition to his clinical work, Mr. Bodtmann is currently an adjunct lecturer at Columbia University School of Social Work.


Mr. Bodtmann completed his M.S. in social work at Columbia University School of Social Work where he was intensively trained in DBT and completed clinical internships at New York Presbyterian, Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital, and St. Luke's Hospital.  He has also completed training in exposure therapy for anxiety disorders, and attachment, self-regulation, and competency (ARC) for complex PTSD.  Mr. Bodtmann's experience includes research on implementation of DBT with incarcerated youth and suicide/self harm screening.  He has given various presentations and trainings on DBT, and has worked on adapting the treatment model for school settings and using DBT in the classroom.


Mr. Bodtmann provides individualized, empirically supported treatment with a strong focus on the therapeutic relationship and its ability to facilitate the change process.  His work strives to find the balance between validation of the client's natural strengths and abilities and behavioral change as a means to meet treatment goals.  Mr. Bodtmann is committed to providing high quality, evidence based treatments to children, adolescents, and the people who support them.

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